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Pregunta al Administrador: SEGREGAR MI VIVIENDA

I am owner of a very wide house in the Centre of Alicante and at the time of the crisis I’m considering split the housing in two to be able to rent the second, is this possible?

Fernando B.

Administrator:  Juan L.

To make this work, you will need to take into account the provisions of the statutes of the community of owners, because in them you can see three possibilities: that such segregation is expressly permitted, which would not be permitted and therefore to carry out necessary modification of statutory regulations, which would require the unanimous vote of all owners , or that the statutes do not say anything in this regard, and in this case must have the approval of three-fifths of the owners of the building representing three fifths parts of existing community participation fees. If such approval is carried out, will have to set new participation fees that correspond to the new House of segregation.

Next to it, we recommend that before initiating any action you see also the municipal urban development regulations and with the rules of the House to determine the possibility of proceeding to its division.


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