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Pregunta al Administrador: SEGURO DE HOGAR Y COMUNIDADES

Good afternoon.  I am writing on behalf of a community of owners; we are 6 neighbours, we have home insurance each one of us. They have told me that these private insurance would cover the proportion of common areas, according to the percentage belonging to each neighbor. I’d like to confirm whether this is really true.

Jaspen I.

Administrator: Juan L.

Good afternoon, the private policies that each one opf you got for your house, would cover your house, but not community áreas.


In your case, you need a community insurance that will cover the general areas of the continent (for example, main piping that may cause damage to the continent every neighbor) is required. Only in cases of claims of public responsability of the community, and in the absence of a common policy covering it, the policy each neighbor, on the guarantee of public liability would respond proportionately on the basis of its share of community participation.


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