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Ask to the Administrator: I own money to my community and I do not get the notifications

Good afternoon. I owe a house in a community of owners in Murcia where I used to live permanently, but recently, I have moved and I just use that house for my summer holidays. It´s had been a year now that I have not been receiving the Minutes and notifications from the community because they are sent to the house of the community. Now, I find out that I am in debt because I did not paid the levy for the painting, agreed by the AGM one year ago. However, it is not my fault, as I have not received the letters in my current property where I live so I have not been informed. Can I reject to pay it, if I was not aware of the agreement?

Tommy N.

Administrator: Juan López

I presume that while you lived permanently in the property in Murcia, you have been notified all decisions of the community. If you have not informed the community about your new contact details for notification, they remain the same one. Well, it is in art. 9.1.h of the Horizontal Property Law, the owners should inform the community about any change of their postal address or contact details. Based on this, not providing your change of the address, you are not in readiness to complaint as the community did correctly.

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