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Pregunta al Administrador: En la última Junta extraordinaria de mi Comunidad se aprobó el cambio del carácter de extraordinaria de la reunión a ordinaria en ese mismo momento

At the last extraordinary meeting in my community it was approved to change it into the ordinary meeting at the same time, is this right?

 Luis Alfredo R.

Administrator:  Juan L.

We must distinguish between what is an ordinary meeting and an extraordinary meeting. The Community shall meet at least once a year to approve budgets and accounts.  For that, it will be included all the documentation, accounting and budget to agree economic expenses that will be generated this year.  This runs on the relevant ordinary general meeting. As for the extraordinary meeting, this may be convened when it deemed necessary for the purpose of treating any other item and make agreements that are of interest to the community. So if at that time there were all the necessary documentation for the approval of budgets and accounts of the community and at the same time had gathered all the same owners approving unanimously the change, there would be no reason to understand that such change is contrary to the law.

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