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Pregunta al Administrador: Vender a propietario elemento comunitario

In my community has been selling a private loft in which lived the former goalkeeper of the building, but we have doubts about the possibility of this, Could you please inform us of how proceed in this regard?

Alejandro B.

Adminisrtator:  Juan L.

With regards to a common element of building the first thing they need to make alterations in its nature is the unanimous agreement of all the owners on a general Meeting, where such change must reflect alterations involving the description of the plot and the variation in fees.  Subsequently, all these details of the agreement, which will be reflected in the minutes, will be elevated to deed in a Notary, for what the responsable is the President on behalf of the community, to proceed to the registration in the land registry and proceed to the change of establishing title, stating the conversion of common proprietary element into private element, and make effective the sale.


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