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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Impugnar acuerdos

Good afternoon. In the last meeting it was agreed an extra fee to replace a flooring in the parking.  I could not attend for illness and could not give my proxy either.   I am wondering now if I can claim that agreement because in my opinion, the work is not neccesary.   

Victoria G.

Administrator:  Juan López 

Art. 18 of  Ley de Propiedad Horizontal gives the option of claiming against agreements if you saved your vote ori f you can certificate the imposibility of attending anyway.  The conditions to take into consideration for complaining against agreements Cuando sean contrarios a la Ley o Estatuto de la Comunidad.

–       When they are damaging to the rights of one or several neighbours.

–       When it is an abbusive agreement.

So you must prove that it is in any of these circumstances (maybe in the second of them, being contrary to the interests of the community). You must also take into account that as a requirement to perform this action you must be aware of all the debts due to the community and that the term action will expire three months adopted the agreement by the Board of proprietors, except that in the case of acts contrary to the law or the statutes, in which case the action shall lapse the year

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