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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Reparto de cuota

In my previous House, all residents paid the community fee in the same amount. A year ago that we have moved and the current community requires that we pay in accompliance the coefficient, making some pay more than others. Can we change this system so that all pay the same, what comes to be more advantageous for all residents?

Isabel M.

Administrator:  Juan López

According to the law of Horizontal property, article 9(1). e), each owner shall be liable to the payment of the common expenses in accordance with the quota of participation set in the title, or to particular provisions. It in the first place this would be the system established and fixed by law, unless the rest of the neighbors agreed unanimously the egalitarian distribution, as you point, and will be established for the year in which such agreement is approved, or on the other hand, this will be the definitive system to apply if proof of this in the statutes

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