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Pregunta al Administrador: denuncia por reformas dentro de casa

A month ago I started to make works in my home to change the distribution of my living room, but I find that a neighbor has drawn attention for not asking permission previously to the community, required the prior authorization of the community? Can I be denounced?


Administrator.  Juan López

No, they can not ;  it is the interior of your home, specifically in their living room, because as we said works noty altering configuration outside of the building, structure, or security or harms another property rights, as set out in article 7.1 of the Horizontal property law. However, you would have to have it made known to the President to ensure that it would not alter any common element (e.g. shooting a load-bearing wall). However, not having done it is not reason for sanction but it is rather of ensuring good community relation

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