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Pregunte al Administrador: nueva compra de vivienda ¿Y si tiene deuda?

I am interested in buying a House but I am not aware of the payment of contributions to the community. If in spite of this I purchased the House, am I obligated to pay that debt? How would it affect me?

Bjorn S.

Administrator:  Juan López

Firstly, you should require the seller to give you a certificate that finds the debt that has with the community and be sure of the amount. If the property is in debt and in case of proceeding with the purchase,you will be required, as the new owner, to pay the debts of the current year and the immediately preceding.   What in this situation you may want to perhaps is to negotiate with the seller a discount on the sale price equal to the amounts corresponding to the community fees arrears and unpaid and that you will satisfy in the case of completion of the purchase.

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