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Pregunte al Administrador: En el orden del día no se ha incluido un punto que solicité

Good morning. I have received the call to the next meeting of the community of owners and I have observed that a matter which I applied personally has not been included. I know what is mandatory, so I submitted it in writing to the President, requesting to sign me the document as received but he has rejected, telling me that I dont have to worry, that the point in question will be discussed later, but not specified when. What do you think I can do?

 Marisa J.

As owner, your right is to request to take to the meeting any point of interest for your community.  In addition, you’ve done in writing to the President of the community, which is the procedure contained in article 16.2 of the Horizontal property law. As he did not want to sign the document, you can choose several options (for example go to the Vice President or the members of the Governing Board of the building so that your application; send an e-mail to the President with your application to include the point and bring the printed e-mail the day of the Board; send a certified letter and save you the acknowledgement of receipt (, etc…). The goal is that you can justify that you have made the request in time and how the law and, therefore, must raise the point that indicates.


If, finally, the President does not access the application, and in your community there is an administrator, indicate him that you’ve notified the President and therefore, tht ítem must be discussed

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