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Pregunte al Administrador: Presidente de la comunidad

I have been elected President of my community, but I am not interested in have this responsibility, could I reject this nomination?

Luis Alfredo H.

Administrator.  Juan López

No, you can´t.   You have to be the President of the community for the period of duration that is foreseen in the statutes, which normally tends to be one year.  If definitely, you are notinterested, you may appeal to the Court to start the corresponding “equity procedure” laid down in article 17 of the law of Horizontal property by which you can request to be relieved of this office, although it is important to bear in mind  the maximum period of one month from the date of the appointment.   However, this reversal is only coming for a few reasons that they should be sufficiently accredited and justified, either by the lack of capacity for the exercise of office, for business reasons that prevent their dedication to the community, by any disease or have a advanced age, reasons that should be appreciated by the judge, as in the case of not having no justificatory cause to revoke the appointment you will be in the obligation.

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