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Pregunte al Administrador: El vecino del bajo ha colocado rejas

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Good morning. I live in a community where the neighbor of the groundfloor apartment has placed security shares in his windows without the permission of the community.  This is also affecting the aesthetic, as no others apartments got it, just his. Please suggest me if that neighbor has to ask permission and if he is right putting it

 Raúl Q.


Administrator:  Juan L.


It is in the Horizontal Propiertors Law that any neighbor can modify the aesthetics or structure of the property without the permission from the community of owners.  The right procedure is to have this enquiry made by the neighbor included in the Agenda of a General Meeting to be voted by the owenrs.  Then, the Assembly will agree or not but also implementing the aesthetics requirements about design, color, etc for the future and settle with this a rule about security shares.


On the other hand, due to the existing situation that you are explaining, the community can request the owner to remove the share.

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