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Pregunta al Administrador: molestias por parte de uno de los vecinos al poner la música fuerte

I am President of a community.  In the block, since several months ago, we are suffering a series of disturbances by one of the neighbors to loud music, television and even assemble scandal weekend parties organized. We have tried innumerous notifications to stop this kindly without any outcome For this reason we have thought by agreement of the community to charge him a penalty till he ceases in this attitude, but, is this possible?

 Shearan F. 

Administrator.  Juan L.

This is not possible, because the community does not have any legal power to proceed in this regard. In these cases the President or administrator will require the immediate cessation of such troublesome activities, under penalty of undertake precise legal actions against him, and in any case, if he continues in this attitude, the community may agree to denounce through several ways: at City Hall getting the corresponding file that is compant these noises and you will be issued a resolution mandating the cessation; by reporting on the Court in criminal courts; or through the exercise of a ceasefire in the civil route action.

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