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Pregunte al Administrador: Instalación de antena telefonía móvil

Agustin de la Linde

What majority is required to install a mobile phone antenna on the roof of the building?


Administrator;  Juan López

Good afternoon Agustin,

I would need to read the Project and find out how it is going to affect to the building.

Art.  17.1 of the Horizontal Propiertors Law states that “the lease of common elements that do not have assigned a specific use in the property will require the vote of three-fifths of the total number of owners that  represent three-fifths of the coefficients, as well as the consent of the owner directly affected, if there is any.”

But in the legal practice, this response is not absolute.

Because article 12 of the LPH establishes that the construction of new plants and any other alteration of the structure or building or the common things affect to the constitution title and must, therefore, be agreed unanimously.

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