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Foro seguro de hogar: robo de contenido a primer riesgo

Martha Y.

Hello, last 9th I suffered a robbery at my house and the thieves stole many objects such as televisions, computer, clothes, etc.

The assessor from the insurance company came and valued the stolen objects over 12,000 euros, but he tells me that I have contracted the robbery of contents at first risk for a value of 9,000 euros and they will only pay that amount.

Are they right?

Thank You

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Martha,

You must check in the particular conditions of your policy whether you have the guaranteed amount for the contents of your home at first risk.

When insuring at first risk we must understand that we insure a risk for a certain amount, up to which is covered and regardless of the total value. Therefore there is no application of the proportional rule of guarantees.

This is, in terms of the amount insured that is the maximum amount that they Insurance Co. will compensate to you.  ie, in this case 9,000 euros.

Please note that if it is robbery of contents at first risk the under insured rule it is not applied (occurs when the value of the assets of your home exceed the sum insured within the policy), which means that should you had not chosen the first risk and the value of the objects of your home is more than 9,000 euros as in this case, the Insurance Co. will detract the proportion of existing under insurance coverage, which does not occur in this sample.

Kind regards.

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