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Foro seguro de hogar: robo en el jardín

Stephen R.

Hi, I have a home insurance with Mapfre. My house is peripherally surrounded by a wooden fence which is one meter high and it is just before the entrance of the building where there is a small garden and a porch.

A few days ago when I went to the house where I have not been since last weekend I realized that unknown persons had jumped the fence and taken several garden furniture (table, chairs …) as well as a tv and a play station which were on the porch.

I called the Insurance Co. to tell them that I had a robbery in my garden and I am waiting for an assessor to come, but they told me that I will not be covered for theft because thieves have not broken anything and the stolen items were outside of the house.

Is this truth?

Thank you.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Stephen,

No, it is not truth. Let´s see:

Firstly, in the policy you have contracted the Building concept is defined, and this is not only the building for housing, but also the fences or walls enclosing the plot, the garden, terraces etc.

Secondly, we clarify that the difference between robbery and petty theft is that robbery is considered the use of violence or force to commit the theft, while there is no such force in the petty theft. But they mean force in things when thieves, against the will of the insured get into the insured home by burglary, breaking a wall, ceiling, floor, door or window, using false keys, legitimate keys stolen from the owner, picklocks or other instruments specifically taken for executing the robbery, penetrating secretly or surreptitiously, ignoring the Insured, their relatives, employees or servants, hiding and committing the offense when the home is closed.

That is, either because thieves have jumped the fence or have used some kind of false key or picklock the claim must be considered as robbery and not a petty theft. Petty theft would be if the goods were for example in the garden of the house that has free access from the outside, i.e. without a fence.

And from this clarification we should check the General Conditions of the Policy as every company will have it own conditions

Mapfre cover you up to 10% of the sum insured for content with a limit of 3,000 euros per claim for objects left in gardens, terraces and porches that are securely fenced or enclosed, as this case indicates.

Your policy does not differentiate between the stolen items, but keep in mind that in many policies from different companies the cover for robbery in the gardens is limited to objects which by their nature are likely to be outside. That is, a table and a chair are usually in the garden but a TV should not be outdoors, so the TV would not be covered.

Kind regards

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