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Foro seguro de hogar: rotura de mis gafas

Sheila T.

Hi, I have a detached house insured and the other day I dropped an object on the glass table and it got broken.

I called the insurance Co. to claim agains them and I took the opportunity to open another claim for the breaking of the progressive glasses I use which accidentally fell to the ground, splitting one of the lenses.

The Insurance Co. compensate me for the glass of the table, but not  for my glasses which I do not understand since both objects are content, and the crystal of my glasses it is even more expensive than the one of table.

Do they have a reason to exclude the crystal of my glasses?

Thank You

Moderador, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Sheila,

You should check the General terms of your policy, and there you will find almost certainly the guarantee of glass breakage suffered by glass; mirrors or stained glass furniture and furnishings of the house.

But within the exclusions the policies usually include handheld or personal objects, crystals of optical instruments or sound, or specifically glass breakage of glasses.

That is, the breakage of your glasses would not be covered, which does not mean they can be covered by another guarantee that some policies are adding to their coverage, such as “accidental damage” although they use to have an excess to be paid.

Kind regards.

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