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Foro seguro de hogar: rotura tuberías que forman la red horizontal de la vivienda

Víctor M.

I have a ground floor house insured with the company Mapfre, and for some time we observed that moisture in the walls of the room and the whole house smelled musty.

Taking advantage of a technician´s visit from the Water´s Supplier of the Town, we told him what happened, and he confirmed that the state of the public manhole which is about two feet from my entrance (on the sidewalk) was in good condition, so the problem was not from the Town hall.

We got a particular plumber who introduced a video camera from the public manhole until the drainpipe of my house, ranging from the yard to the street and passing under my living room. He found that the pipe was broken in several places, so all the water drains from my house do not reach the sewer getting lost beneath the floor of my house.

We raise the living room floor and replace the drain pipe from the yard to the street and as there were no tiles like the ones we had, we changed the entire living room floor. We have also painted the walls that were damp.

Once the work was done, we were in contact with the Insurance Co. to claim and they told us that they cannot cover the incident, since Location and reparation of pipes belonging to the Horizontal drainage network of the property are excluded.

We are not happy, as we are claiming for the costs of locating the fault, reparation, replacement of the entire floor and painting the walls, what can we do?

Thank you.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Víctor,

The first thing you should do is to contact the Insurance Co. and ask them to send an assessor to your home, since they cannot exclude a claim by a simple telephone call, because for your comments there are several aspects to determine the claim:

Indeed, location and reparation of pipes belonging to the Horizontal drainage network of the property are excluded i.e. sewage pipes or drains that are below the floor to sewers or manholes. That excludes works for searching and location of the fault (video camera, to raise the floor of the room) and self-repair of the damage (replacement of damaged pipe section)

Having such faults not covered you cannot claim for aesthetic damage incurred by raising the floor as it is an added coverage accompanying the main one, i.e. It is not applied if the loss is not covered.

It is a different issue the water damage caused, as you indicate there is moisture in the walls of your home. These damages are covered and compensable, as well as if you had to paint more walls for aesthetic damage



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