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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Ruidos del pub

Candela R.

They have recently opened in one of the comercial sites of our building, a pub like Café music.  Because the days of feasts, lately they are with music until late in the night.   When we call the police, can do nothing, because the proprietary low music before they enter.  Agents without measurements tell us, they can’t do anything.  Residents are desperate and she does not seem to be concerned with our requests.  Can The Community act somehow?

Administrador: Juan López

While noise regulations has evolved in defense of citizens, need still to improve the implementation of control and inspection.  You are not faced with a task easy to solve, but have legal tools.  You can ask your President, under article 7 of the LPH, so as to require the owner of the premises to stop discomfort and seek the way of living, business and neighbors in friendly sustainability.  If the owner of the pub does not cease, the Board of proprietors may authorize lawsuit.   But it is always better to find the friendly agreement.  The pub in the building can be an important added value to their homes.  Start a war that, in the best of cases, would temporarily close the activity, could also harm publicly to the image of this residence.  It must be well rating details and seek always exhausting way of dialogue and coexistence.   In any case, the decision is always by majority of owners.

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