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Foro seguro de hogar: terremoto produce grietas en la pared

Joanne W.

Hi, I have a House insured through Mapfre and early this morning we have felt some earthquakes that have made us woke up.

Later in the morning we noticed several cracks in the facade and inside the rooms due to these tremors and we heard on the news that there was a small earthquake indeed near the location where the dwelling is located

Does my policy have coverage in casean earthquake produces cracks on the wall? If so, I would like to know the procedure I should follow to make a claim.

Thanks in advance.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Joanne,

If an earthquake produces cracks in the wall you are covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium. This is a state agency that is responsible for compensation due to the damage caused by extraordinary events affecting the risks insured and which would not be covered otherwise by insurance.

Regarding the procedure to be followed you can claim against the Insurance Consortium directly on the phone 0034 902 222 665 where they will inform you about the necessary documentation for your claim and they might send an assessor to determine the extent of damages.

But my recommendation is to open a claim through your Insurance Company and they will tell you the steps to be taken; some will tell you to call directly the Insurance Consortium or will send an assessor that will help you to perform these procedures, and there are companies that will compensate you for the damages and then will claim against the Insurance Consortium.

It is recommended that you do not throw any remnants of the damage produce or if you have to throw them, please make a photograph of them so that you can verify its existence.

The documentation requested from the Insurance Consortium to be prepare is:

• Photocopy of NIF/NIE number.

• Photocopy of the Particular and General Conditions of the Policy

• Photocopy of receipt of payment

• Bank details

Finally, please note that according to the legal regulations the claim must be reported within seven days from the evidence of the damage, so you should communicate as soon as possible of loss.

Kind regards.

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