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Alicia M.

Hello, I have a Villa insured with Mapfre and last 20th of May my glasses dropped down and I accidentally stepped breaking the frame of the same.

I took them to the optic and they have replaced the frame for 86€

I have contracted with Mapfre accidental damage cover because when I took the policy they  told me that it was precisely to guarantee the fell of objects etc.

Mapfre denies my claim because the repair cost more than 100€

What can I do?

Many thanks

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Alicia,

Indeed accidental damage coverage focuses on the lost caused by any accident that may produce damage to the insured property, as the case you are mentioning.

But as in all coverage conditions, exclusions and requirements are set so that the loss is compensated.

One of the conditions of the Accidental damage cover is to establish a kind of excess where each company sets the limit they consider appropriate, and in the case of Mapfre is 100€. That means that only a claim that cost more than 100€ will be attended, so the Insurance Co. are right indicating that the loss is not covered.

Kind regards.

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