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pregunta al administrador

ASk the Administrator: To replace the floor of the entrance

Good afternoon. Last week we had Owners Meeting  in which, among other issues, it was raised to carry out a work to replace the floor of the entrance, changing the current marble by another of laminated flooring, for  purely aesthetic reasons (the floor is in perfect condition).  The result of the vote was of simple majority in favour of executing the work, but they have told me that for this type of work is needed more than a simple majority. Is that correct?

Gema R.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

Good afternoon. Article 17.4 of the LPH establishes that if it is a work not required (i.e. an improvement not required for the proper conservation of the building), the majority for approval is the 3/5 parts of owners and participation fees.  If such majority is reached and approves the work, if your cost by owner exceeds the equivalent of 3 regular fees, the owners who voted against are not obligated to pay.

As it is a work that you want to run for aesthetic reasons, the need, or rather the fact here is obvious and would operate the mentioned article 17.4.

subida de cuota

Ask the Administrator: Increase of the fee

Hello. I have a parking place in a building of Murcia where administrator us has increased to all owners share to pay surprisingly and in my opinion unjustified.  I have ordered the book of records to verify the agreement in this regard, but there are only minutes until 2014. May I refuse to pay?

José Luis G.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

First, the administrator is not to decide on the increase of the amount of the share of each neighbor, but is the Board of owners who should take such decisions, approving the budget and their accounts, and therefore, who determines the amount of expenses to cover between residents according to their coefficients, but only will be held the increase if it is approved by the Board, not because the administrator establishes it. Therefore, if you disagree with his actions, I advise you to put it to the attention of the Board is to take letters on the issue, because according to art.13 of the LPH, administrator may be removed from office before the expiration of his mandate by agreement of l Board when it is not acting as stipulated in the law.


mileniun levante

Ask the Administrator: Internal Rules

Good morning. I wonder how rules of internal regulations, could establish in my community as not is if it is an authority that rests on the President or the owners. Thank you.

Catalina G.

Administrator:  Juan López 

You should know that these rules not are established by the President of the community at his discretion, it is necessary to follow an established procedure.

To do so, it will be necessary first the proper call for a general meeting, stating in the announcement that within the agenda is the adoption of these standards.

Once on board these rules shall be adopted by the favourable vote of the majority of owners who in turn represent the majority of the participation fees in the building at first call. In second call, it is sufficient the agreement of the majority of the attendees, linking once to all owners approval.