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7 tips to save on your electricity bill in your home


If you are concerned about your energy consumption at home and want to save surprises on your bill every month, we give you 7 tips to save energy with easy solutions available to everyone.

1. Adjust the electrical power to the needs of your home.

You must bear in mind that a large part of what you pay on your electricity bill is the contracted power. To know what is the power that you need, we recommend you to read the instructions of the electrical appliances so you can estimate the cost of their operation. Thus, you will be able to know what is the real power that you need.

2. Choose electricity rates with hourly discrimination.

How are the rates with hourly discrimination? Two periods of consumption are established, each one with its price:

  • Peak hours: from 12:00 noon to 22:00 at night in winter and from 13:00 in the afternoon to 23:00 at night in summer.
  • The off-peak hours: would be the rest of the hours. It is in these off-peak hours when you can save approximately 47% compared to the base rate.

3. Check the electrical installation.

When was the last time you checked your electrical installation? Keeping your home electrical system in good condition, such as switches, sockets or connections, can help you to save a significant percentage on your bill. It is advisable to do a review at least every 10 years, if your home is brand new, and every 5 years if your home is more than 25 years old since it was built.

4. Use LED bulbs.

Around 25% of the light that is consumed in homes is usually in lighting, therefore, we recommend using LED bulbs, both for their duration and for their performance, so that your electricity consumption is more efficient.


5. Monitor the silent consumption of electrical appliances.

Did you know that turning off stand-by appliances in your home can help you save up to 10% on your bill? It is important to turn off everything that is on stand-by such as televisions, computers, music equipment … etc.

6. Choose and use appliances wisely.

If you want to save on your bill, consuming around 55% less energy, invest in efficient appliances with the A +, A ++ or A +++ energy label. Even if its price seems higher, in the long run, you will win.

In addition, if you use the programs with lower temperatures you can also reduce the cost of your bill, for example:

  • The washing machine: selecting the programs with between 40ºC and 60ºC suppose a saving of 40% in light.
  • The Dishwasher: the Eco programs work at around 50ºC.
  • The refrigerator: control the area where it is installed and keep it away from heat sources. Thus, regulate its temperature between 3º and 7º and make sure that the back is ventilated and free of dust.

7. Control the temperature when using air conditioning and heating.

Last but not the least, it is to properly regulate the temperature of our home when we use the air conditioning or heating. Keep in mind that for every degree above 20º, the heating consumes between 5% and 7% more energy. In the case of air conditioning, each degree below 25º implies approximately 8% more energy.

As you have already seen, with these small gestures we can save on our electricity bill considerably. From Mileniun Levante we offer you a free electricity consumption study of your home to achieve efficiency and savings on your next bill. Would you like to talk?

Ask Your Administrator: Can a tenat be appointed as Administrator in my community?

Can a tenant be an Administrator of our community?

I would like to know if the way I manage my neighborhood community is legal.

The administrator is a former tenant who neither lives in the community, nor is he an administrator, nor does he have a declared office where you can go to consult him.

The only correspondence I receive are payments for the quarter or spills. No budgets, no accounts, no meetings are ever held. Besides, the repairs that are made are paid in B.

When I ask him for explanations for something, he always tells me that if I doubt that he will show me the accounting book without problems and that things are done that way because it is the agreement of the Community (most of them are retired).

Is there a way to make an anonymous report? How can I solve this situation?


Administrator: Juan López

  1. Good afternoon
  2. With the latest reform of the Professional Associations and the liberal professions, nothing prevents the position of administrative secretary from falling to a neighbor-owner, on the contrary, it is expressly included by the Law itself.
  3. “6. The positions of secretary and administrator may be accumulated in the same person or be appointed independently.
  4. The position of administrator and, where appropriate, that of secretary-administrator may be exercised by any owner, as well as by individuals with sufficient professional qualification and legally recognized to exercise said functions. It may also fall on corporations and other legal persons under the terms established in the legal system. “
  5. A different thing is that no meetings are held, or accounts and budgets are approved, which is mandatory, according to the law, at least once a year, or when the owners who make up 25% of the quotas and properties of the building so request.
  6. “one. The Board of owners will meet at least once a year to approve the budgets and accounts and on other occasions that the president deems it appropriate or requested by a quarter of the owners, or a number of them representing at least the 25% of the participation fees.

The meeting will be called by the president and, failing that, the promoters of the meeting, with an indication of the matters to be discussed, the place, day and time in which it is … ”


As we say, the position of administrative secretary must be carried out by an owner or by a natural person with sufficient professional qualifications, and the board must meet at least once a year to approve budgets and fees, and of course, spills.

We do not advise you to make any type of complaint, but to write a reliable letter to the person who acts as secretary-administrator and president, demanding the holding of the annual meeting, presentation of accounts and approval of the budget

Thank you

Kind regards

administrador comunidades

ASK TO YOUR ADMINISTRATOR: I am the president but I have sold my apartment

I am president of the community. I have sold my apartment and presented my resignation from the position, warning the community that they should appoint a new one; but they are not responding.

What I can do?

Thank you

J.de La Rosa

Administrador: Juan López

Good afternoon, first of all we hope that you are keeping well.  The Article 13 Law of the Horizontal Property Law is very clear in this regard: the condition of president of the community is indissoluble from the fact of owning a property i that community.

If you have ceased to be an owner, as you indicate, you also cease to be president.  And what you have to do is what you have already done, communicate it to the administrator. If there is a Vice President in the Community, he should assume his office until the next general meeting in which a new one is elected. If there is not, the administrator should convene an extraordinary general meeting as soon as possible to elect a new president.

It is evident that in the current situation with the Alarm State and its successive extensions, it is not possible to convene a general meeting at this time, since unfortunately legislative reforms have not yet been enabled to make them possible.  Therefor, except to record in a reliable way, that is  by burofax, or any other document that proves the reception by the administrator secretary, in which it shows that with that date you stopped owning the home, which is why you has ceased to hold any position in such community

We do not believe that you need to do any other paperwork, such as a notarial or judicial requirement, since the position is lost the moment you cease to be the owner. But we insist to avoid future inconveniences, that you better do it reliably.

Thank you very much and we hope the above is helpful.

Kind regards