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Foro Seguro de Hogar: ¿Cubre mi seguro el teléfono móvil?

Tony A.

Hi all, I explain my case:

I have a brand new smartphone (just a month) and while I was at the house of a relative his son took it (it was on a table) and flew it away …, and now it has a shattered screen.

She told me that she could make a claim against her insurance as she thinks that it might be cover (reparation is about 150 €). Before doing so, I preferred to check about it because I understand that the insurance cover the goods of third parties that are not in the hands of the insured (in this case I do not know if the hands of her child counts), for instance should I had fallen or had had an accident, right?. If it is covered, would this increase the premium of the policy?

Thank you very much and greetings to all of you.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Hello Tony,

The incident is a clear sample of Civil Liability, where it has nothing to do with the insurance of the insured, but to the person causing the damage.

Home insurance (Family Civil liability) of the causative will cover the liability of the insured and of the people who depend on her (the son, who is responsible for the damage) with no problem, except in the degree of relationship that has the father of the child with our insured. That is, you have to look at the General Conditions of the policy of the causative, in paragraph where exclusions are indicated, where it will appear that the damage caused to family members are exclusions until the third degree of consanguinity. So depending on the degree of kinship of the causative producing the damage to the victim or the incident it might be covered or not.

Regarding the increase of the premium it will depend on the rules of each Insurance Company but bearing in mind that it will always be the policy of the causative.

Kind regards.

(English) I’m non-resident , should I file taxes in Spain?

Pat Garry

I’m not resident but am in procedure of buying an apartment in Spain, should I file taxes in Spain?


Begoña L.

Hi Pat,

Yes, you need to file non-resident taxes.  This tax is compulsory for all owners of a property in Spain.  The form is model 210.  Although this tax must be paid to the tax office (finance), however, they are not responsible for making the calculation or fill in the form, but the owner. For this reason, to have a Fiscal Representative in Spain is recomended.

Kind regards,

Foro Seguro de Hogar: Rotura de llave de paso

Leslie D.


I am a customer of Mutua General de Seguros. Anyway, last 11/10/2014 I had to close the general stopcock of the water within the home under the kitchen sink. When I opened again the stopcock it got broken and staying with the key in my hand.

Today 13/10/2014 I claimed against my insurance to know whether this type of damage is covered and to my surprise they told me that it is not. They cover a broken pipe but not a broken stopcock.

My question is, is this possible? a stopcock is not within the fixed housing facilities?

Thank you very much for your time and I rely on your recommendation on how to proceed in this case.

Kind regards.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Hello Leslie D.

Home insurance warranty on your policy will cover you for water damage caused to the property insured for accidental spills or leaks from fixtures, appliances.

Therefore, in the absence of water damage the breakage of the stopcock is not covered.

Furthermore, in the section of excluded risks you will always find the exclusion of repair or adjustment of faucets, taps, radiators, and in general any element connected to a fixed installation.

You should check the documentation of your policy, in the General conditions, where it is collected the information we are providing so you can check if this is your case.

Kind regards.