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Ask the Administrator: Tense and violent meeting

Good morning. I am writing because I have a question after the last community meeting which I attended.  The Board was very tense and violent to those who went there, since one of the neighbours did not respect the shifts of words and employed very bad ways when it comes to exposing their arguments for what another neighbour is faced with and maintained a very high discussion of to No, even to utter insulting one another.  Since I hold the position of President, I’d like to know if there is any action that can be taken to expel them from the meeting and continue the same in rational terms.

Eli B.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good morning. Currently, the President cannot force anyone to abandon the meeting, but yes can suspend the Board and try it another day with more calm tempers.  The ideal would be to have a legal text that would allow the President to take disciplinary measures in situations such as that they described, but today the situation is not contemplated.


Therefore, as I say, my advice is that if you see that the tension will not be lowered, explain that if you can not develop normally, suspended the Board and would be convened another day to avoid greater evils.

Ask the Administrator: To notify my vote

Good morning. I’d like to know how and should notify who my vote (in a vote that requires unanimity) one time have sent me the minutes; is it enough to write a letter with my data and my vote, and to deliver it is the President or administrator, well I either a representative on my behalf?

Reina M.

Administrator:  Juan López

You can not vote after a meeting. You can only oppose consideration that you added to the majority decision (this opposition will make your vote not joins the agreement, but will not be a vote against). To do this, you simply send a written expressing your opposition, addressed to the Secretary or Manager, in within 30 days from receipt of the minutes.  You should send it by any means that allows proof of receipt, so it is advisable to send a burofax through.

pregunta al administrador

Ask the Administrator: No meetings in 2 years

Good morning. It makes thing 2 years that are not made (ordinary or extraordinary) meetings in the community in which I live and therefore have no knowledge of the situation of tha accounts in the community as well as the problems that exist. I currently hold the position of Board member and, under the circumstances, I would like to know if can I resign as I am not happy with the management that is being carried out.

Juan E.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

Good morning.  We have to inform you that the position of vocal, as well as the rest of the charges are annual. Like this, the presentation of accounts as well as the election of new charges is obligatory.


Given his situation, you should require the President to convene meeting of owners for the election of new charges (this is his duty, otherwise he is in legal responsibilities).  In that meeting, if you just do not stand as vocal, you will not be re elected, you don’t need to resign.


What cannot be is 2 years without knowing the situation of the community since serious problems can be found and could be far of solution.

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