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Foro Spanish Taxes for Foreigners

(English) Spanish Taxes Forum: When is non-resident tax due?

Charles A. Brown

I have a villa in Mojacar.  This is my first property in Spain and I have heard that I am liable for taxes in Spain, non-resident taxes.  When is the tax due?

Many thanks

Begoña L.


The term of payment is from January to December.  However, I understand from your question that you have bought the house in 2014.  If so, you are not liable yet.  I.e., related to the year 2013 tax is being paid during 2014. As well as related to the year 2014, the tax is payable from January 2015 until December 2015.

Kind regards,

(English) Spanish Taxes Forum: Spanish Will

Debbie Hart

Do I need to settle a Will in Spain?  Can I not include my porperty in Spain in the Will I got in my country?


Begoña L.


Definetly, to have a Will in Spain is recomendable.  The Will can be written in double column, one in Spanish and the other in their own language, by signing with the help of the translator.  Your attorney or fiscal representative can find out the notary where youcan have the document in this way.

It is recommended to sign a will in Spain for the following reasons:

* If you are using a non spanish will, you wont be able to take any action until its validation.   And the validation means another cost. (you must legalize it, i.e., prove that it is the last, translate it into Spanish and Apostille it)

* In Spain, there is within 6 months from the death to be able to pay the inheritance tax. After this period the Spanish Government imposed tax penalties. 

* Your Will in Spain wont revoke any Testament in your country.  So, no disadvantages. 

Kind regards

(English) I’m non-resident , should I file taxes in Spain?

Pat Garry

I’m not resident but am in procedure of buying an apartment in Spain, should I file taxes in Spain?


Begoña L.

Hi Pat,

Yes, you need to file non-resident taxes.  This tax is compulsory for all owners of a property in Spain.  The form is model 210.  Although this tax must be paid to the tax office (finance), however, they are not responsible for making the calculation or fill in the form, but the owner. For this reason, to have a Fiscal Representative in Spain is recomended.

Kind regards,