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Ask your Administrator: voting that I need to put solar panels

Hello Good evening. My question is: I live in a community of 6 properties, 3 groundfloors and 3 upstairs; and I need advice about the percentage of voting that I need to put solar panels for myself, that is, only for my apartment. We have two community roofs because the building is on a slope. Thank you



Administrator:  Juan López


Dear Jose Ramón, thank you for your enquiry.  The Horizontal Propiertors Law states the following:

Art. 17

The agreements made by the Owners will meet the following rules:


The installation of common infrastructures for access to telecommunication services regulated in Royal Decree-Law 1/1998, of February 27, on common infrastructures in buildings for access to telecommunication services, or the adaptation of existing, as well as the installation of common or proprietary systems, for the use of renewable energies, or of the necessary infrastructure to access new collective energy supplies, may be agreed upon, at the request of any owner, by a third of the members of the community that represent, in turn, one third of the participation fees.

The community may not pass on the cost of the installation or adaptation of said common infrastructures, nor those derived from their conservation and subsequent maintenance, on those owners who have not expressly voted on the Board in favor of the agreement. However, if they subsequently request access to telecommunications services or energy supplies, and this requires taking advantage of new infrastructure or adaptations made in pre-existing ones, they may be authorized provided they pay the corresponding amount, duly updated, by applying the corresponding legal interest.


Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph regarding conservation and maintenance expenses, the new installed infrastructure will be considered, for the purposes established in this Law, a common element.

We hope the above solve your questions

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