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Protect yourself against squatting with ADT

ADT brings you the best solution against squatting, do you want to know how?

The legislative process to expel a squatter from a house in Spain is very expensive, an average of €11,000 in the last two years without taking into account the emotional costs.

Once they get inside your house and after 48 hours there is nothing you can do.

When you have an alarm system with CRA, if someone tries to occupy your home or enter, the system gives an immediate notice to the police, and they act as if it was a robbery and have the power to arrest the squatters.


The protection of your home cannot wait any longer!

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5 tips to avoid squatters in your home

The number of illegally occupied homes in Spain increases every year, specifically in 2020 they increased by around 5% according to data from the Ministry of Interior. By following these tips provided by the National Police, you will prevent your home from being taken by squatters, for example, when you go on vacation. Among the previous recommendations to avoid squatters at home are to increase security measures and to show that the home is inhabited all times.

How to prevent them from illegally occupying your house?

1. Always lock the doors and have security locks and bars.
2. If you are going on vacation or for a long time, leave the plants and decorative elements of your home, install lighting timers so that the lights switch on daily or even leave the television or radio programmed to be heard at certain times of the day. The main objective is to make the possible squatters see that the house is inhabited.
3. Ask a neighbor or trusted person to visit your home periodically to pick up the mail or open and close the blinds.
4. Avoid posting personal information on social networks. For instance, if you are going on vacation for a while or sensitive information about the location of your home.
5. Finally, it is advisable to install security measures at the entrances of your home such as security doors, windows with latches, lockable windows or an alarm system that will make your home a safe and secure place from squatters.


Having an approved and visible alarm system is proven to be a dissuasive measure when choosing a house for occupancy. From Mileniun Levante we always want you to feel protected, that is why we recommend the ADT alarm. It is an interactive alarm with high security and the most advanced technology that will offer you total control and protection through any device. These alarms are grade 2, so they prevent and avoid any illegal squatting in your home. Protect your home and your family now!