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Tips to save money with your appliances

Maintenance of your appliances. Tips to save on your energy consumption with good cleaning and maintenance.

As you know, making good use of household appliances is critical for saving money monthly on the electricity bill. Sometimes we forget that good maintenance of our home’s electrical appliances can help us to save money and to make a responsible use of energy.

Maintaining a proper cleaning of appliances makes them consume less. Dust on the vents or grease accumulation may cause the engine not cooling with enough power and to when it tries to compensate for the lack of power the appliance consumes more.

Tips to save light with the maintenance of your appliances

● Refrigerator: Separate the refrigerator from the wall to help the heat spread well from the back. In addition, you should clean this part of the refrigerator every 3 or 4 months with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Dirt accumulated in this area makes it difficult to dissipate heat extracted from the refrigerator and increases consumption.

● Oven: it is important to clean it often because accumulated fat reduces its ability to heat. We recommend that you use the microwave instead of the oven, it saves between 60% and 70% of energy and time.

● Dishwasher and washing machine: do not forget to keep the washing machine filter clean, thus avoiding obstructions and improving the operation of the appliance. Use the water softener to remove impurities and lime from your washing machine filter. The interior should be cleaned periodically especially around the rubbers and door seals, where food scraps accumulate. Also rinse the filter after each wash.


● Air conditioning: the air conditioning also needs maintenance for good equipment condition. Clean the filters at least once every 12 months. Cleaning can be carried out with any water and cleaning product. Filters cannot be replaced until they are completely dry.

● Dryer: Always clean the dryer filter after finishing drying clothes, it improves air circulation and prevent possible accidents. Also, inspect the dryer ventilation hole to make sure it’s not clogged to save energy.

In addition to following these tips for good use and maintenance of your home appliances as a client of Mileniun Levante, we guarantee you up to 20% savings on your usual electricity bill. Ask us now for your free energy study and find out how much money you can save on your bill.


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