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Keep your house cool in summer by saving energy

Is it possible to keep the house cool without our electricity bill suffering this summer? Of course, we are going to tell you how.

The arrival of summer and the increase of temperatures makes it almost mandatory to use aircon units, but if you can keep your house cool, you can reduce its time of use and thus your electricity bill will not increase during these months.

6 tips to keep your house cool in summer saving money on your bill.

Today we propose 6 tips that you can put into practice (according to the OCU) to maintain your home fresh without using so many hours of air conditioning and to save electricity.

1. Take advantage of natural ventilation.

When the temperature starts to drop outside the house, open the windows. Take advantage of natural ventilation at first time of day or night and open the windows on opposite facades, to cause a stream of air due to the difference in temperature between them.

2. Try to prevent the entry of hot air.

The elementary measure is to keep closed doors, windows and blinds in the hottest hours, between morning and afternoon. We recommend that you use awnings to protect your home during those central hours of the day.

3. Use fans most of the time.

A fan does not reduce the air temperature, but it makes it circulate faster and the feeling of freshness is higher.


4. Try to reduce heat sources.

Limit the use of appliances and light bulbs. Try not to use the oven, the iron, the dryer or any appliance that works with heating elements during the hottest hours.

5. Place shade-generating plants on the terrace.

Use large plants with long leaves on the terrace or balcony to get shade inside your room and keep them cooler. Another idea is to place ivy, vines or other types of climbing plants on your facade, as they contribute to reduce the temperature of the walls.

6. Bet on light colours and fresh fabrics.

During the months of more heat, forget about rugs and use cooler fabrics in your rooms, such as cotton or linen. Also, decorate with light colours such as white, light grey or beige, since they do not absorb light or heat.

If in addition to reducing your electricity bill by following these tips, you need to control its cost, we guarantee you up to 20% savings on your electricity bill. We make your free energy study and help you saving money from the very first moment.


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