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5 tips to illuminate the garden in spring saving on your electricity bill

Spring has arrived and with it the good weather and the desire to enjoy outdoors of your home during day and night. Surely you are thinking of getting your garden or terrace ready so that it becomes an extension of your house but, apart from the furniture and decoration, you should not forget the lighting as a key element.

It is important that the lighting of the exteriors is done efficiently to set the atmosphere for your dinners or evening talks without seeing it increased in the price of your electricity bill. For this, we recommend you to have an adequate lighting system that facilitates energy savings.

5 tips to illuminate the garden while saving on your electricity bill

  • Divide the lighting areas of your garden by environments. Each of them will have its own lighting and it will not be necessary to turn on all the lights at the same time. This way you will be able to illuminate efficiently and to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Place several light switches to control the ignition in the area you are going to use and not the entire garden.
  • Install motion sensors and programmable lights so that the lighting of certain areas is switched on at the exact moment needed, for example, when it starts to get dark. You will avoid wasting energy and will save on your bill every day.
  • Use downward lighting, placed at high points and slanted downward. Thus, you will avoid light pollution, respect the rest of your neighbours and illuminate the areas that you really need at that time.
  • Last but not least, always use Led technology, as it will allow you to reduce your energy consumption considerably. Led lights are more resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity. You will find in the market countless options to illuminate efficiently with this type of technology such as spotlights, wall lights, floating lamps, floor lamps…etc.


If, besides following these tips to save energy in your outdoor lighting, you want to avoid yourself getting scared on your next bill and pay what you really need, we have the solution! For being from Mileniun Levante we guarantee you up to 20% savings in your usual electricity quote, making your consumption more optimal and intelligent. Get your free energy study and start saving now!


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