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Ask the administrator: Air cond. exterior unit

Good morning. I am writing because we have just purchased a ground floor house in a building of Murcia, in which I want to install an air conditioning unit but I do not have no place where to place the compressor, so I need to know if I can put it in the facade of the building and what formalities shall I follow to obtain authorization from the owners.

Carlos H. R.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

Good morning. As you said, given the conditions that you explain, the first thing to do is obtaining the authorization of the owners, since if it is to locate compressor in the facade of the building, would be considered that it is altering the aesthetics of the same and for this purpose It would require the favourable vote of the 3/5 parts of neighbours and relevant participation fees (unless expressly prohibited by the statutes, in which case should modify them and that unanimity would be required).

To do this, you need an extraordinary meeting to be convened, so we recommend you to talk with the President exposing the situation so that this point is included in the agenda.  We understand that you won’t have any problem, but in the case that is refused, may try to convene it by yourself, for which you need the support of 25% of owners or participation fees.  When it comes to the vote, it would be useful to know if there are other compressors in the façade, because it will provide you with enough get a favourable outcome


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