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Ask the Administrator: Expenditures sharing

Hello. I am owner of a flat which has a terrace included in my property, what makes the coefficient higher than the rest of neighbours who have more or less a similar coefficient.  This makes the administrator who maintains the accounts of the community to distribute all costs according to coefficient, having provided that I am obligated to pay one amount.  But there are costs as cleaning that I hardly use whereas other neighbours, such as the commercial sites, do need expressly. I understand that it would be fairer to that certain expenses are shared equally, while others are made by coefficient of participation, is this possible?

Roberto F.

Admministrator:  Agustin Pascual del Riquelme

As it exposed the distribution of spending in your community is correct, and not because the manager says so, but because the Horizontal property law expressly provides that they will be distributed in this way.  However, it is also possible that the community may approve a different distribution system, so need to vote unanimously.   This type of consensus is very difficult to obtain, but may request that you expose and perhaps achieve that it is distributed more fairly sharing.  Please note that only identifiable items may lead to this proposal

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