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Ask the Administrator: I am in the Board of Presidents

Good morning.   I am writing because I am currently part of the Board of Presidents of my community of owners  ( in  Murcia), boasting the vocal position, and more than 3 years we have not had any meeting.  We do not know the status of the accounts and other existing different needs.  I tried to convene meetings but I have never obtained any response, so I want to know how long I am obliged to stay in my position since I’m considering to resign because I’m tired of the situation of inactivity and neglect that we are living.

 Hans  V.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual de Riquelme

Good morning. We understand your frustation.  Firstly, your charges are annual but let us take us the confidence to transmit that we do not believe that the appropriate solution is to abandon it, since in that case the situation of the community (do not forget that it is the place where you live) will get worse since they will continue being in the hands of a Board that does not assume its functions or do not give them solutions to their problems and not move them information.

Therefore, we recommend you to required the President to convene the Board of proprietors through burofax (it is his obligation and he can have responsibility in the case of failure to do so) and, once convened, treat all problems you are arising.  Finally, if you decide to continue with the option which we propose you, with that do not arise to the Board as a member responsible shall terminate automatically, since the charges are annual and new elections must be called.

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