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Ask the Administrator: Noise from the pool

Good morning. I am writing because I am owner of a flat in a residential of Murcia which has a communal swimming pool.  Before the wave of heat that we had this summer ( quite common in this area and at this season) the use of the pool by residents has risen very high fashion, with the consequent increase of the noise.  Specifically, the pool is open from 09:30 hours until 00: 00 hours, uninterrupted.  My House is totally exterior and overlooks the pool area, so you can imagine the damage for relax and development of our common life.  I’m considering to have air conditioning installed (in order to be able to live with the windows closed) but I’d like to know if I can blame that investment to the community of owners since it is due to a problem generated by the noise in the pool.

Loren B.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good morning.  First of all we have to say that the community of owners, despite the noises in the pool, does not have why deal with investment that you intend to perform, because it would be a facility for individual enjoyment and therefore would be you who should afford the costs.


However, we must be clear that “the rights of one end where begin the rights of the other”, by that, faced with the problem that takes us back, we advise established minimum standards of coexistence and obligatory for all.  The community has the power to do this through what is known as regulation of internal regime, whose drafting and approval corresponds to the Board of owners and is approved by a simple majority of the attendees.  If you do not have that regulation, I suggest you to request the President of his community which include the point on the agenda of the next meeting measures to take to minimize noise in the pool in hours of rest and prepare a draft to this effect.


Once approved, any owner who fails to comply with the rules will be warned by the President, and they may even take legal action in case of repeated non-compliance.


Notwithstanding this, we recommend check your local municipal regulations, as surely it establishes sound limits depending on the time zone, and we believe to be sure that 00: 00 will be a schedule with special protection, so if the levels noise are very high, you would request the police presence to carry out appropriate measurements and they can put an end to the arisen problem.

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