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Ask the Administrator: To remove the president

Good afternoon.  I live in Orihuela Costa and our president is in this position for 2 years now.  He refuses to follow the rotate system for the president position (every year).  Also, we do not have any information about the dealings in the community, accounts, etc…there are no general meetings, no reports, nothing.  To this point, I intend to stand as president but I am confused about what should I do to dismiss him and check if there is some irregularity during his charge. 

Karen M.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good afternoon.  Congratulations for the decision you adopted.  The issues have to be sorted by that way.  Thank you for addressing us your question to help you with the solution to your situation.  The HPL stipulates that the communities shall hold at least one general meeting a year to approve the Budget and accounts and other items.  On the other hand, the annual rotation of the position of president is also in the law.  We consider this option the best to avoid situations like yours.

Therefore, we think you should speak with the president and explains to him your concerns.   Try to make him come to his sense and call for a meeting.  Then, you will be able to appoint a new president, check the accounts and whatever you need to find out if there is some irregularity, and make the relevant decisions.

If he does not listen to reasons, the neighbours can convene if you are 25% of properties, representing 25% of the coefficients, and follow the steps mentioned before.

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