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Ask the Administrator: Cost for TVCC cameras records used in a denounce

Good morning.  I am owner of a parking place located in a building of Murcia, which has a system of TVCC.  Last week I went to pick up my vehicle and I observed that, while the car was parked, someone have caused damage on the right side, so I proceeded to submit  a complaint.  Subsequently, in yesterday I called the Manager of the Community of owners requiring the payment of an invoice from the company that is in charge of the surveillance cameras, since apparently the police asked the images for the complaint. I’d like to know if I am obliged to pay this invoice that they are claiming me.

Rafael B

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

Good morning.  You have done the right thing, because if your vehicle was in perfect condition when parked in a private garage and you find it had damages, you are entitled to make appropriate efforts are applicable to compensation for damage.  As for your question, we must say that this expenditure is an individual expense and therefore should not be borne by the community, since it has generated for personal gain.

Furthermore, it is an expense that has not been consulted or approved by the owners.  However, we recommend to ask the President and/or the administrator if the community has liability insurance.   It is quite possible that both this expenditure, and the cost of repair, is assumed by the insurance company.

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