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la obra se está retrasando

Ask the Administrator: The works are getting delayed

Mi community, in Murcia, has hired the services of a builder for the restoration of the fachades.  The works are getting delayed but there is nothing on the contract about the timelines.  Can we request a completion date now? 

Pascual M.

Administrator:  Agustin Pascual de Riquelme

I am sorry to say that you can require a completion date only if it is in the contract. Firstly, as you explained, this was not specified. However, the community wants a date of completion, so you will need to make, a new document signed by both parties, showing that time scale

Usually, the community of owners focus on silly matters when initiating a tender.  However, when you have hired legal advice for the contract you will avoid some incidences that can hardly been amended.  If your community is not managed by an administration with lawyers as part of the team, you should have consider to pay more for the work by hiring legal advice.  Secondly, do not forget that the outcome and finishing of the works will not be the same and last with same guarantees if the works are done quickly or altering the specifications.   To contract a professional who will be monitoring the quality of the works is always worthy.

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