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Ask the Administartor: Partisan Administrator

Good afternoon. I live in a community of owners of the coast of Orihuela and we have an administrator who fails regularly in his duties, acting discriminatory in favour of some neighbours and against others.  In various meetings I have proposed to remove him, but my proposals have never prospered.  In this situation I would like to know if I am obligated to pay their fees or I can avoid paying them not to be a compulsory service.

Frida H.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good afternoon. From our point of view, and as a result of the information that you provide, we consider that your proposals are right since the person listed as an administrator has to comply faithfully with their obligations and make it completely impartially.  Thus, we believe that the best way to solve the problem would be by removing the administrator.  For that you need to get a majority in the Board of which you do not have.


As for the obligation to pay their fees, we must inform you that what you pay is a share of current expenditures, corresponding to apply its coefficient of participation to an annual budget approved by a majority of the Board of the community.  You do not pay, in particular, to the administrator, and therefore we regret to tell you that you can not deduct the part corresponding to the service provided by this. They are common costs which must necessarily respond (failure to do so could have one bigger problem).


At this point, and to the difficulties raised, we recommend bringing to the Board more details (partiality and breach of obligations) for, to try to remove him and also mark a line of action to have some results by the end of the year.

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