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ASk the Administrator: Our administrator is just a helper

Good afternoon. I am President of a community of owners in Orihuela and, since I am in office, I have checked that the administrator is a simple helper at work, he is not responsible for the management of our community, and we just got lies and misinformation.  So I want to dispense with their services and would like to know if I, as a President and legal representative of the community, I can unilaterally terminate the contract with him or that decision has to be taken on board.

Pedro L.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

Good afternoon. In cases like that, we always recommend to talk things directly with the person involved to give you the opportunity to explain what happened and even have more information to make a decision as fair as possible.


However, we deduce that you intend to cease to the Manager, so we have to inform you that although you figure as President, those decisions must be adopted at Board.  Therefore, what you should do is convene a Board showing the cessation of the administrator in the order of the day. Is in that meeting where you must expose the reasons you think for that administrator does not continue its services for their community and, subsequently put to the vote that approved it three-fifths of the total number of owners who, in turn represent three-fifths of the participation fees

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