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Ask the Administrator: Our admin is not doing his work

Good mroning.  Our Admin is not doing his work.  I live in a community on the outskirts of Murcia, with 10 properties  and I am the president.  Of all the apartmnets, only mine and another one are occupied.  A couple of elders are the people living in the other one and thier health is not very good.  That is why they delegate everything regardingthe community on me.  I am delighted although they do not appreciate my help.  As solidarity, Ihave done lot of things that I consider improtant.  But at thi stime, I am overworked and have no help.  The rest of owners wash their hands and the administrator is not on site and we do not expect to see him.  So, I would like to know what can I do to request the responsible to attend his community duties. 

Patrick F.

Administrator:  Juan López


Good morning.  Congratulations for your solidarity.  But to look after the insterest of the owners is everyone´s responsibility.

Should the administrator do not fulfill his duties, you need to solve it straight away.

Please, notice that the other apartmnets, although areempty, theygot owners who are also responsible.

We recomemnd you to call for an extraordinary meeting, as president, to rise the issue.

The President and the Administrators are who will attned the community matters.  So, if the administartor is not doing his work, and you pay for it, it is normal that you discuss thsi with him and request him to carry out his duties

If the behaviour is not amended, you should propose the dismission and look for appointing a new one.

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