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Ask the Administrator: awnings installation

Good afternoon. In Murcia, I own a bar with a small terraze with some tables and chairs.  For my clients to delight the drinks on the shade, I would like to put some awnings which need to be fitted on the fachade.  The statutes stipulate that the owners of the sites will be allowed to install signs, panels or glasses without needing the authorization of the community.  However, the community enquiries that the decision is taken to the General Meeting for approval.  Do I need the authorization?

Alfons S.

Administrator: Agustin Pascual del Riquelme

Good afternoon.  This is a common conflict.  Certainly,   most of businesses are willing to have awnings installed to extend the space for the clients.  In this case, the statutes allow the business some installations without authorization of the community.  This means that the owners just need to keep the community informed about the works.  The community is responsible of monitor that the works are being carried out accordingly with the laws.  To put awnings is perfectly legal and you should have no problems.  By the way, you shall observe safety considerations and that there is no risk or damages for others.

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