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Ask the Administrator: Contribution of the businesses in the maintenance works of the building

In my community we are 10 houses and two sites located in the gorundfloor of the building whith no access to the common stairs.  We intend to do several works which are necessary for the conservation of the building.  On the one hand, to fix the roof, and on the other hand, to paint and thoroughly clean the staircase that is already in very bad conditions.  But arises the question of whether the sites should contribute to these expenses, since our statutes do not specify anything on the subject, could you advise me on this?  Thank you.

Karen P.

Administrator:  Juan López

If the statutes do not relieve expressly to the businesses of this type of expenditure then we shall go to the general rule.  The expenditure will be shared by the businesses according to the coefficient as well as the rest of the owners.  This is so because it is also a project for necessary conservation of the condition and maintenance of the building.

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