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Ask the Adminsitrator: Leaks from the terrace of the community

Good afternoon.   I am tenant of a site in a building located in Murcia, where I settled my business.  Since a while, each time that we got rains, there are filtrations in my site coming from the community terrace.  This causes damages to my furniture and affect to my business.  The community only carry out light repairs but not solving the problem definitely.  .  My problem is that the community says that the repairs have been done and washes his hands.   What should I do?

Gabriel H.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good afternoon.  Firtsly, you are not the person who shall report to the community but the owner of the site, your landlord who needs to initiate the relevant actions.  So, you should report this to the landlord so he can complaint.  But providing that the community is doing some repairs, this cold be sorted kindly.  He shall appeal to the President and the administrator requiring to have the definitive works done to sort the problem out.  If the problem is due to bad isolation, the community is responsible of fixing it, unless the statutes states a different thing, so I recommend your landlord to check it first.

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