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Ask the Administrator: Notice Board

Good afternoon. I am writing because since the last Board of proprietors, which was held in my community of owners (I live in Torrevieja), it was decided to place a bulletin board to receive information concerning the management and the daily life of the building.  The problem is that that noticeboard has a framework with key, which only have the President and administrator and, therefore, the neighbours can put any information without that before it passes the filter by the people who do have it.  I wonder if both the President and the administrator have the right not to provide a copy of the key to the rest of inhabitants.

Visctoria M.

Administrator:  Agustín Pascual del Riquelme

Good afternoon. Doubts posed by us we must tell you that the noticeboard is considered a common element, and as such, the community can decide the use that is given to it. If in principle only the Chairman and Manager, have we understand it’s because thus decided in its day, but if you want to have key and modify operation, propose it at the next meeting (indicate the President to include it in the agenda) and to vote


However, we believe that the operation of the noticeboard that have established in their community is appropriate, the LPH (in its article 9 paragraph h) considered it as a means to make notifications to owners in the event of power performed by the normal means and those communications, normally should be performed well by the President well by the administrator. Otherwise, neighbours could give a misuse, hanging, for example, personal information of other / neighbour/s

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