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Ask the Administrator: We has to open the windows due to the heath

Good morning. I live on the first floor of a 7 floors building of Orihuela in which all homes are connected to a central heating.  As you know, last winter has not been especially cold so there have been days where heating is connected and, literally, we had to open the windows of the heat making (remember that I live in a first and the effect of the caldera is much larger that on the seventh floor), which we consider a useless expenditure because we needed not to have the heating on. For this reason, we are assessing the possibility of purchasing a “Split” that carry built-in air conditioning and heating, but before you do anything I need to know if I have to apply for permission to the community and how to do it.

Jordi G.


Administrator:  Juan López


Good morning. The problem is something common in buildings that have a central heating system, but before making any decision we have to emphasise a matter important to take into account. First, we have to know if what you want is to choose another type of service for your home or however want to change energy supply in the community. In the first case, you can choose the type of service that you want to use. However, if you purchase the Split we recommend you to turn off the timer in your home and communicates it to the community, because even though it will no longer have to deal with individual consumer spending, if you must continue facing the expenses of maintenance of the boiler, as a common service. If you want to change the type of sourcing, needs to treat it on the Board and which is approved by the 3/5 parts of the neighbors and the 3/5 p…


You may read more about this in the following answer provided to another reader in the past  http://mileniun-levante.es/articulos/pregunta-administrador-fincas-horario-calefaccion-central/

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