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Ask the Administrator: Can I build a wall?

Good afternoon.   Can I build a wall?  I am writing because I have a two floors detached house  with a front yard and another backpatio, on the coast of Orihuela, which I use for holidays.  This housing is adjacent to another, which looks directly to my back yard through a window of one of the rooms. The case is I have not been there since last summer, and what was my surprise on last weekend on my last visit to inspect the house and I realized that the neighbour is doing works to build a second window.  As I don’t want it affecting my privacy or to my family, I wonder if I can build a wall in front of those windows so that you can not see  the inside of my house.

Ellena K.

Administrator:  Agustin Pascual del Riquelme


Good afternoon.  Thank you for asking us in a situation like that.  As you already know, our philosophy is always aimed to achieve an agreement between the parties and solve any problem in a friendly and cordial manner.   We break down the response, to ease you to take quick actions


  • If there is a horizontal division as we suppose, his neighbour has no authority to alter the facade without your consent.
  • It is possible that, if your neighbour has begun, he is unaware of that prohibition, so it would be better to speak with him, as it is very likely you make him think twice and replace the façade to the original situation.
  • Only in the event that your complaint is ignored, we advice you to formally claim your neighbour by a professional in the matter.


Regarding raising a wall,  we do not recommend it because the Civil Code  stipulates certain limitations regarding about sights and lights.

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