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Property Administration services

Mileniun Levante has been administrating Communities for 20 years, first in the region of Murcia and later expanding our activities to Alicante. We offer our clients a comprehensive coordination of services in order to facilitate residential estates management article source.

Our objective is to achieve full client satisfaction from the beginning and for this reason we strive to adapt ourselves to your requirements as soon as possible. Our working day doesn’t end when we close the office but when all received requests have been processed and managed.

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We adapt to the characteristics of your Community. Proprietors meetings can be held in our facilities with simultaneous translation into/from English (other languages available).

Personal Attention

http://helpmyscores.com/?mapsro1 We assign a contact person for your Community to make communication as easy as possible. To this end we provide personal attention 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, through our mobile Assistance APP.


Legal Support

https://activerain.com/profile/dumakake We have a prestigious legal team of Registered Administrators who watch over client rights. In addition, a team of accountants supervise Community transactions and are expert negotiators in business-to-business transactions to ensure that the Community obtains the most advantageous contracts. Our experts become advisors for all matters on behalf of proprietors, covering management of private repairs and Community conflicts, as well as private property management, following up insurance claims and watching over the profitability of financial products.


We analyze the financial costs of your Community.
We draw out a plan to achieve savings and improvements for contracted services.

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We can also register your Community

  • All administrative paperwork for establishing a Proprietors Community.
  • We prepare and call the initial General Meeting, we prepare bylaws, prosecute the Records Book, file them at the Tax Office and Obtain the Tax Identification Number (NIF).
  • Maintenance of lifts, gardens, swimming pools and garages; cleaning of Communities; contracting and executing works and improvements necessary for adequate maintenance and enjoyment of the Community.
  • Preparing and calling Ordinary Meetings at least once a year as well as Extraordinary Meetings when required.
  • Supervision of the adequate development of Community affairs, with proactive management of potential conflicts and resolution thereof.
  • Financial administration: collection of proprietors’ fees and application to current and specific Community expenses.
  • Legal support for the Community concerning any court or out-of-court action. Modification of bylaws, establishment of services, improvements in the property, collective telecommunications infrastructures and energy supplies, follow-up of unpaid fee claims, actions for termination of activities which are dangerous or not allowed by the Community bylaws or against the law.
  • Preparing a budget for estimated expenses. In accordance with the legal requirements related to the presentation of annual budgets, we prepare budgets with adequate proposals for the Community, distributing expenses between the properties on the basis of applicable regulations.
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